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Would You Like to Get Paid for Viewing Media?




 The dream is here!

Get paid in A1O credits for listening to, viewing and sharing A1O content. You can then use the credits you earn with our company on A1O events, products and various other services.


For each view, an alloted amount of credits will be rewarded to the respective user. One option the user will be able to spend credits on is for tickets to A1O shows and events. Also, users may use the credits towards different meal options which will be served at the event.


Currently A1O content is limited in its offerings because we obviously have to have individuals permission to post their material. However, the A1O Corporation is allowing users to request their favorite artists or genres of music, food, etc., that they would like to have connected with the A1O network.

Users can simply vote on our "Polls" page or create their own poll to have whatever particualar material added to our organization.


We thank you for your particapation and look forward to interacting and building with all of you in the future.




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May 2, 2016 3:02 am
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