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The "Make Life Cool" Program

Where Things Don't Have To Be Lame




What's the Idea Behind 'Make Life Cool'

To entice and incentivize knowledge/intelligence, physical activeness, social interaction and groupwork.



By conducting competitions that allow participants to display their various skillsets.


Example of Operations/ How to Play 

Step 1: Go to webpage or click on link provided.


Step 2: Choose your desired play class. Purchase and download the play sheet.


Step 3: Edit with the correct answers using Microsoft Word.


Step 4: Save and send the document to  A1O email with cashapp


Winners will receive deposit within 1 or 2 hours.



Play Options


Play Options



Sort By
$1 Play;5x - Game Card #001 Week 1 9/23
Item Number 15x001
$1 Play;5x - Game Card #001 Week 1 9/23


Play for $1. Win 5x the amount. 1/5 chances.














Compared to Other Mediums of Income

9-5 Job Lottery Online surveys, etc.


  • Higher earning potential
  • Do what fits your skills or interests


  • No guaranteed earnings


  • Much higher chances to win


  • Lower earning potential
More sensible time to earnings ratio